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Welcome to The Waterloo Directory of Irish Newspapers and Periodicals:1800-1900, a subject-inclusive, language-inclusive bibliography of
5,800 publications, 7,000 people, 800 issuing bodies, 215 publishing towns, 1250 title pages. Editor John S. North.
Soli Deo Gloria

Sample Title Page

Reproduced by permission, the Bodleian Library
Interesting Record: Microscope, The;

"The first periodical to print on Irish matters...the magazine ran for 21 issues and was the first to contemplate literary works published in the city. Anonymous local poets contributed and essays on local writers were penned, including ‘Memoirs of Farquar’ on the Derry-born playwright. Articles opposing slavery began to appear later in the magazine’s lifetime, and William Drennan, the 'United Irishman', contributed a piece rejecting the incoming Act of Union" (Culture Northern Ireland).

The Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers & Periodicals: 1800 - 1900 Series Three.
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