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Welcome to The Waterloo Directory of Irish Newspapers and Periodicals:1800-1900, a subject-inclusive, language-inclusive bibliography of
5,800 publications, 7,000 people, 800 issuing bodies, 215 publishing towns, 1250 title pages. Editor John S. North.
Soli Deo Gloria

Sample Title Page

Reproduced by Permission, Royal Botanic Garden Library

“The editor thinks it almost unnecessary to inform the reader, that the broad and coarse forms of provincialism illustrated here are used only by the low and uneducated portion of the population. Those who read books, adopt less frequently those words which are exclusively local, and which are not found in print; but they readily adopt peculiarities of pronunciation and errors in grammars. Not only the language of the humble classes is here expressed, but their thoughts, their feelings, their interests, superstitions, and morals…There is a sort of glossary contained in the foot-notes appended to one of the pieces; possibly this may be useful to persons at a distance. The natives of Ulster require no such aids" (1860, "Wait Till A Tell Ye").

The Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers & Periodicals: 1800 - 1900 Series Three.
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